Nisyros island, Greece


I am in love with Greece and that’s why I started this blog. I visited Greece for the first time in 2009.  Fell in love with this country still on a plane landing in Crete, just by the view of it. I was traveling on my own, but I never felt lonely. It was a very nice holiday. I promised to come back and so I did in 2012 and this time I got a wonderful little island Nisyros, that is situated near Kos.

I am not a typical tourist: I don’t like big, ‘all inclusive’ hotels, I don’t plan too much and try to leave some room for adventure. I was exploring Greece on the net and discovered that there is a lot information about large, popular islands like Crete, Rhodes and Kos, but not so much about smaller islands, that are very charming and that represent real Greece – you won’t find it not on the sun bed by the hotel pool.

So I have a mission or to be more precise – a dream to visit as many islands as possible and share my experience with other people who haven’t discovered the real Greece yet.

I earn for my holidays by copy-writing, creating marketing strategies and implementing campaigns.  Please visit my site if you want to know more about the professional side of me.



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