Windsurfing in Kos

Finding a decent windsurfing school in Kos might not be as easy as you may imagine, especially if: you did not come to Kos specifically for wind surfing, you are staying in Tigaki, you came in May. The best time for this water sport here is June-July. However, with the help of my Greek friends at the tavern, I found out about Tam-Tam beach. It is located just a few [...]


Cycling in Kos

Kos is quite flat. The mountains are located on the sides of the island so you can have a nice bike ride around. Last time I cycled was back in childhood days and now I don’t even have a bike. But still I took the challenge to cycle from Tigaki to Kos town and back. My coach told me that total distance will be about 20 something kilometers. I thought [...]


Kos. Or how Czechs wanted to trick Lithuanians

We are leaving Nisyros. A sporty week is ahead. I will practice windsurfing and my potential husband will cycle around the island. We packed and came to Maria’s café to say goodbye and kiss the whole family. Her husband took us to the port inhaling one cigarette after the other. They never put seat belts on – just turn up the volume of their folk radio and imagine that beeping [...]