Kos is quite flat. The mountains are located on the sides of the island so you can have a nice bike ride around. Last time I cycled was back in childhood days and now I don’t even have a bike. But still I took the challenge to cycle from Tigaki to Kos town and back. My coach told me that total distance will be about 20 something kilometers. I thought it will be an easy ride, we will take a break at some tavern on the beach. Besides, I still wanted to find a windsurfing school. We asked locals and they directed us to the next village – Marmari, about 5 km away. We rented our bikes at Nikos, from a Greek owner who looks like Phil Collins, and took off for Marmari.

The morning was cloudy, but on the half way the sun started cooking. We drove through villas and fields that smelled of hay, just like in Lithuania. I found an elderly German speaking hippy-windsurfing instructor at the beach that belongs to a very posh hotel. The price – 15 Euro/hour. I asked about lessons. “We will give you a few tips”, he said. That means training included.

We came back to the hotel. I wanted to continue the trip later, when the sun was not too hot, but my coach did not care about the heat. I took his orders and we wheeled to Kos. It was a lovely road along the sea, later – along the villages and taverns. The city of Kos had a special, comfortable bicycle highway. It is lively, with lots of tourists and locals on motorbikes. In general, Kos can offer everything that a spoiled tourist may wish for – restaurants, stylish bars, mini golf courts, carts, pool tables, etc. You can even rent these funny two passenger cars, like those in Mad Max film.

We stopped for a drink at a cosy café on the shore. I was tired, maybe because I was not trained or because my bike was used for quite a bit. It sounded wired and was extremely difficult to drive against the wind or even a slight mountain. The coach announced that we’ve already done 25 kilometers (???!!!???) and still I had to get back!

OrwellCycling back was not fun at all, my legs hurt and wind became so strong, that I could not cycle at all. In my mind I was cursing my boyfriend for choosing the bike that was not good for me. He is a bike fan after all and should have known more about bicycles.  And how did he dear to lie about the distance?! He did not think about my capabilities and did not sweat a drop himself! As if it was not enough, I had to carry the bag with towels and sun lotions… I think he could feel it, because he was driving in quite a distance away from me and I was doing my best to stay silent. Who knows, maybe I will fall and he will have to rescue me by calling a medikopter, so it’s better not to start a fight. Now I was very envy for those pensioners driving Mad Max cars and tried to motivate myself thinking what I will order in our favorite tavern. The first meal will be large, cold and dewy glass of beer.

Finally, we got to back to the hotel. According to the coach, we drove 40 kilometres. I fell into the pool and understood – I will survive.


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