Finding a decent windsurfing school in Kos might not be as easy as you may imagine, especially if:

  1. you did not come to Kos specifically for wind surfing,
  2. you are staying in Tigaki,
  3. you came in May.

The best time for this water sport here is June-July. However, with the help of my Greek friends at the tavern, I found out about Tam-Tam beach. It is located just a few kilometres outside Tigaki, very close to the Lido water park. The beach is really nice and I heard the restaurant serves good meals (not sure if you can find a bad meal in this country), but the most important thing – I found the school! I spent two hours with the instructor learning the basics and that is: coming back to the shore :) . I really enjoyed it and must say the instructor was very helpful ant patient (such a shame I don’t remember his name). But I think I was not the worst student either!


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