I visited the bakery for again today. Had a little siesta yesterday, so getting up 9 in the morning was quite early for me.  It was worth it, because the bakery had even more delights to choose from. I bought some bread and a huge doughnut. The weather was not meant for the beach – it was sunny but windy. We were having breakfast in our balcony and discussing the plan of the day when grandma knocked on the door. She gave me a hug and a kiss (as if she was my grandma :) ) and started cleaning the room. The first thing she has done was putting fresh flowers in a vase. As I mentioned earlier – she does not speak any English, but we found our way to communicate. I told her about our trip to volcano yesterday and she said to me that she has been living in the island her whole life – 82 years. She comes from a large family with six children, or maybe she has six children herself, I was not sure, however, Maria who has brought us to the hotel is her daughter.

We visited the castle, to be more precise – what‘s left of it. Now I know that the road to volcano was like a highway, because bumpy and sandy road that we took today was much scarier for me. Huge rocks on the roads are quite common, but these slopes, pits and 360 degree turns…. In other words, if you are planning to explore the island – visit the castle first, then you will feel very comfortable driving to the volcano.

Nisyros Monestery

Where the hell am I?

I would not say that the castle was very impressive. It looks like a labyrinth from large stone bricks, that was rebuilt nowadays. I found volcano more interesting. We decided to visit a Monastery on our way back. Two hippies were walking down the road. I waved to them in envy – at least they can be sure they will return safely. The Monastery appeared to be a little church, not an impressive building that we expected, so we did not stay there for long and returned to Mandraki for presents and souvenirs to our friends and families, and drinks/ice cream for ourselves. We saw the RIGHT Monestery while walking along the coast. It was built on the rock next to the town. But the weather started to get warmer and we decided to return back and head to the beach instead.

Nisyros Castle

Nisyros Castle or what’s left of it….

At the end of the day my thoughts kept running around taverns… which one do we choose this time? Of course the one with wi-fi and that means Afroditi or Captain’s. We got to Afroditi and the whole family greeted us like old friends. The daughter far-sightedly asked if I would prefer half a litter of wine. I almost did, but chose only a quarter, because I still had my last night’s catch at home. Tzatziki and Greek Salad was enough for me, because we still had some fresh bread, very nice olives and tasty cheese back at the hotel. My driver wasn’t so moderate and had a rabbit stifado. We ate everything. The bowl of the salad was too big for me (fortunately, the glass of wine wasn’t), so I shared it.

Mandraki, Nisyros, Monestery

The RIGHT Monestery

This is how another perfect day ended proving that one of the best things in life is a nice meal and that well known Greek hospitality is very sincere. You can only find it in places like this, not in “all inclusive” travel packages.


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