Nisyros, serpentine

Scary serpentine – nice view

We made a deal: the one who gets up first, marches to the bakery next door. Of course it was me. Grandma was planting flowers outside the hotel: “Room?” she asked. “Room OK”, I replied. We chatted a little, both in our own languages and I stepped inside the house with the smell of fresh bread and cinnamon. The owner of the bakery, as all elderly Greeks, did not speak English, but it’s not a problem – you can keep a conversation by using five words and some gestures. I grabbed a warm baguette and two buns with feta cheese.

The day was not hot, so we decided that it is perfect for visiting the volcano and villages that are hanging high in the mountains. It was a kind of challenge for me, because I am scared of heights and it took us 12 kilometers of winding serpentine to get there. I squeezed my man hard when he was taking sharp turns and screamed when motorbike started to fly faster than 50 km/hour. You know that boys like to tease girls, and the louder we scream – the more fun they have and so did my driver. He made me scream on purpose by gathering speed before the turn.  I have good imagination and it instantly gave me visions how our motorbike turns over, we fly and hit the rocks with our heads, our brains splash… all portals write about two tourists from Lithuania, who killed themselves driving too fast without helmets…

Nisyros volcano

Did you know – volcano smells like eggs! :)

Our first stop was Eborios. This village has very nice view to the sea and other islands, but still I could not understand, why people decided to live so high? Volcano was the second stop. It gives the same feeling as the mountains – you feel like a little bug in a large pot. You are surrounded by huge rocks and it smells like eggs, because of the sulfur. This place reminded me, how vulnerable we are against the nature. It can sneeze once and blow us away with all our technologies. Volcano has good infrastructure – tourists can get a drink, buy a souvenir or use the WC. However, some of them preferred bushes nearby.

Nikia, Nisyros, Greece

Little streets of Nikia

We drove around the crater and stopped at Nikia, this village is also called “the eagle’s nest”, because it is located in the highest spot of the island and you can see the crater from almost all little streets. The miniature nest-village has even two taverns and a museum where you can learn everything about the volcano and the development of the island.  I liked Nikia for its smell. It was lunch time and Greek food aromas were dashing out of the windows. The streets are so narrow that neighbors probably know everything about each other, because they can hear the family conversations through the open windows. Nikia reminded me of Santorini which I am familiar with from touristy pictures. I thought that probably there are many “Santorinis” in Greece, but not all of them had such a good PR.

We also visited a little monastery that is probably built in the highest place of the island. This is where I felt tired. We were happy to have our jackets, because even though the sun was shining – the wind was cold. When we got half way back, the temperature suddenly changed, it became much warmer. I gave myself a prize for this extreme trip through serpentine –  poured myself a glass of cold Greek wine and spilled the pasta into the pot. We had no spices, not even salt, but pasta with tomatoes and cheese was just perfect after such long day! Besides, we had delicious starter – hard Greek cheese that combined very nicely with Greek wine :)


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