Nisyros hospitality and castle

I visited the bakery for again today. Had a little siesta yesterday, so getting up 9 in the morning was quite early for me.  It was worth it, because the bakery had even more delights to choose from. I bought some bread and a huge doughnut. The weather was not meant for the beach – it was sunny but windy. We were having breakfast in our balcony and discussing the [...]



Nisyros volcano and serpantine

I found driving on a scooter along Nisyros serpentine quite scary, but it was really worth it! Here is a short video about a day visiting the volcano and beautiful villages.


Holiday in Nisyros: getting there

Our trip started in Vilnius at 4.30 am, the temperature was as high as +2C. We left for Kaunas airport to catch a Ryan Air flight which was like a train trip to India. The plain was full of holidaymakers with kids and the largest bags that are possible to fit in as hand luggage. Unlike most Eastern Europeans we were not struggling so much for the seats and for [...]